Jhameel was once set on the path to officer-ship in the United States Army. Although his linguistic skills in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian would have been highly rewarded in the military, Jhameel quit the program before signing an irrevocable contract due to personal beliefs about U.S. presence in the Middle East. He then earned a degree in Arabic from UC Berkeley within just two years, graduating summa cum laude. Immediately after, he began his career in music.

Jhameel creates explosively funky music comprised of soul-stirring guitar, immersive synthesizers, triumphant brass, and athletic, melodic vocals inspired equally by Prince and Michael Jackson. He plays each and every instrument on his records himself, creating catchy melodies that settle easily into your mind with human lyrical themes that challenge the heart. Jhameel’s skills extend to the mixing board as well, as he produces his own music.

Jhameel’s second album, The Human Condition, sparked interest with thousands of music fans, propelling tracks “Bernal Heights” and “The Human Condition” to the top of the Hype Machine Popular Charts. He followed up with the Dance EP, which featured the furiously energetic “Shut Up”, a track that took over the Hype Machine charts once more and became Forever 21’s flagship song for the fall of 2011.  His following two EP’s, WAVES and Are You Free, continued the momentum in 2012, with the singles “White Lie,” “Waves,” and “Shadow of a Man,” topping the online charts again, while also entering rotation in major clothing brands such as American Apparel and H&M.  Jhameel is currently in the studio, recording is third album to release in spring 2013